Epistemology Working Group

A group for the discussion of work in progress in epistemology will meet to discuss Howard Callaway´s paper "Semantic Contextualism and Scientific Pluralism".

The meeting will take place at:
Swarthmore College, Papazian Building 325
Thursday, December 2, 5:30pm
Please RSVP to Peter Baumann via email: pbauman1@swarthmore.edu and he will forward an electronic copy of the paper.

If you have a paper you´d like to discuss in the group, please let Professor Baumann know.

The purpose of this group is to provide space to informally discuss work in progress among philosophers in the Greater Philadelphia area (including guests) who are interested in epistemology in a broad sense (including, for example, Philosophy of Science). The group plans to meet approximately 3 times per semester. Papers are circulated in advance so that everyone can review them before the meetings, in order that participants can jump right into the discussion when they meet.