Second Annual Elizabeth Anscombe Lecture in Ethics

Co-sponsored by the Collegium Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania:

What If There Were No Tomorrow?
Finding Aristotle's Ethics and the Good Life in Bill Murray's Groundhog Day

Wednesday, March 4th
12 noon
Amado Room, Irvine Auditorium 110
3401 Spruce Street

Light reception to follow


Speaker: Peter Wicks
Catherine of Siena Fellow in Ethics
Villanova University
Peter Wicks was born in London and educated at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. He received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 2010. His doctoral dissertation interrogated the role of language in the formation of moral judgment. He is currently working on a book on Princeton Philosopher Peter Singer and the appeal of utilitarian ethics.