Since 1986, the GPPC has published a number of volumes: Rationality, Relativism, and the Human Sciences
Edited by Joseph Margolis, Michael Krausz & Richard Burian (Martin Nijhoff, 1986).

Foucault and the Critique of Institutions
Edited by John D. Caputo and Mark Yount (Penn State Press, 1993).

The Quarrel Between Invariance and Flux: A Guide for Philosophers and Other Players
Edited by Joseph Margolis & Jacques Catudal (Penn State Press, 2001).

Is There A Single Right Interpretation?
Edited and with an introduction by Michael Krausz (Penn State Press, 2002).

The Musician as Interpreter
Paul Thom (Penn State Press, 2007).

Narrative, Emotion, and Insight
Edited by Noël Carroll and John Gibson (Penn State Press, 2011).

In addition, faculty at our member institutions are active in writing, presenting, and publishing. Here are a few of their publications from recent years:
S. Joel Garver (La Salle University)
"On the Care of Magical Creatures: Animal Welfare" in Corbin Fowler, (ed.), The Ravenclaw Chronicles (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2014)

Frank J. Hoffman (West Chester University)
Introduction to Early Buddhism: Philosophical Texts, Concepts, and Questions (Research Centre for Buddhist Studies, 2014)

John Hymers, tranlator (La Salle University) and Courtney Fugate, translator
Metaphysics: A Critical Translation with Kant's Elucidations, Selected Notes, and Related Materials by Alexander Baumgarten (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013)

Cornelia A. Tsakiridou (La Salle University)
Icons in Time, Persons in Eternity: Orthodox Theology and the Aesthetics of the Christian Image (Ashgate, 2013)

Joseph J. Godfrey (St Joseph's University)
Trust of People, Words, and God: A Route for Philosophy of Religion (University of Notre Dame Press, 2012)

Frank J. Hoffman (West Chester University)
"Process Concepts of Text, Practice, and No Self in Buddhism" in William Sweet (ed.), Migrating Texts and Traditions (University of Ottawa Press, 2012)

Michael Krausz (Bryn Mawr College)
Dialogues on Relativism, Absolutism and Beyond: Four Days in India (Rowman and Littlefield 2011)

Susan Schneider (University of Pennsylvania)
The Language of Thought: A New Philosophical Direction (MIT Press 2011)

Frederick Van Fleteren, translator (La Salle University)
The Life of Augustine: Part One: Childhood to Episcopal Consecration (354-395) (Peter Lang 2010)

S. Joel Garver (La Salle University)
"The Magic of Personal Transformation" in The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts for Muggles (Wiley 2010)

Michael Krausz, editor (Bryn Mawr College)
Relativism: A Contemporary Anthology (Columbia University Press 2010)

David Macauley (Penn State University, Brandywine)
Elemental Philosophy: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as Environmental Ideas (SUNY Press 2010)

Marilyn G. Piety (Drexel University)
Ways of Knowing: Kierkegaard's Pluralist Epistemology (Baylor University Press 2010)

John M. Carvalho
"Creativity in Philosophy and the Arts" in The Idea of Creativity (EJ Brill Publishers 2009)

Robert J. Dobie (La Salle University)
Logos & Revelation: Ibn 'Arabi, Meister Eckhart, and Mystical Hermeneutics (CUA Press 2009)

Ashok Gangadean (Haverford College)
Meditations of Global First Philosophy: Quest for the Missing Grammar of Logos (SUNY Press 2009)

Jill Stauffer, Editor (Haverford College) and Bettina Bergo, Editor
Nietzsche and Levinas: After the Death of a Certain God (Columbia University Press 2008)

Scott Weinstein (University of Pennsylvania) & Daniel Osherson (Princeton University)
"Recognizing Strong Random Reals" in The Review of Symbolic Logic (1:56-63 Cambridge University Press 2008)