Drexel Philosophy Week

Drexel Philosophy Week
Monday, 4 March 2013 - Friday, 8 March 2013
Drexel University

Monday, 4 March, 5pm - 7pm
“Meanings of Life: Feminist Resources in Michel Foucault's Theory of Biopolitics”
Dr. Sarah Hansen (Drexel University)
Location: PISB 106
Tuesday, 5 March, 3pm - 4:30pm
Panel Discussion: “Philosophy and the Law”
Pre-Law Advisor Michael Vitlip
Attorney Michael Filoromo B.S. PSYCH ‘05
Katie Devanney B.S. PSYCH ‘12
Location: MacAlister 2019
Tuesday, 5 March, 5pm - 7pm
“Religiosity and Amelioration: Thoreau, AnzaldĂșa, and Bob Marley”
Dr. Douglas Anderson (Southern Illinois University)
Location: MacAlister 2019
Wednesday, 6 March, 5pm - 7pm
Panel Discussion: “Religion and Philosophy”
Dr. Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame)
Dr. Paula Marantz Cohen, English
Dr. James Herbert, Psychology
Dr. Marilyn Piety, Philosophy
Dr. Doug Porpora, Sociology
Location: Disque 108
Thursday, 7 March, 5pm - 7pm
“Governmental Secularity and Religious Citizenship”
Dr. Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame)
Location: PISB 120
Friday, 8 March, 3pm - 4:30pm
Panel Discussion: “Why Study Philosophy?”
Dr. Jacques Catudal, Philosophy
Anthony Harrison B.A. PHIL ‘12
Andrew Hurd B.A. PHIL ‘12
and current students
Location: PISB 106

For further information, contact Peter Amato at: peterama@drexel.edu

For a copy of the flyer (including directions), click here (PDF).